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  • Full Name:Hritik J Pawar
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I am Hritik J Pawar, Male, Age 20 , I am computer science Student Studying in Vartak College, Vasai, Maharashtra, India

I leave in Virar, I am a self learning web Designer, Also I am a Tech enthusiast. Overall I am a guy with artistics skills which help me with developing good , attractive websites .

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June 4, 2019


Hey, Fellow’s you must have guessed from the Topic what the blog about so let’s see which language is better. Before moving further let’s know, what is Kotlin?. So Kotlin is an object-oriented programming language

APRIL 16, 2018

Have A great knowledgeable summer’s

Since it’s summer you may have already decided ‘what to do thid summer?’ many of us would be travelling outdoors some may complete watching TV Series

JUNE 3, 2019

Send Email using Python

This is a python script to send mail using SMTP library of python But before you begin you need to give access to python to send email from your account you can do that from your Google account settings

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